3 Best Food Processors for Hummus > August 2023 > Buying Guide

3 Best Food Processors for Hummus > August 2023 > Buying Guide

Best Food Processor for Hummus – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best food processor for hummus is no small task, which is why we’ve much easier with this user-friendly buying guide. In our opinion, homemade hummus is simply silkier and better tasting than store-bought hummus. And it’s not hard to make (really!) if you have one of the best food processors for hummus in your kitchen. Consider the following to help you find the right gadget for your needs.


To decide which food processor you should get, determine how often you plan to use it and how much space you have to store it. A 7-cup food processor is a good size for most kitchens and tasks; larger bowl sizes holding 11 to 14 cups can better serve those making hummus for a bigger family. A 3- to 4-cup mini food processor takes up little room but is limited to only making small-batch hummus. Keep in mind that larger food processors have more surface area to clean and tend to be more expensive than smaller options. One other note: detachable parts are usually top-rack dishwasher-safe but last longer if washed by hand.

Buttons & Blades

The pulse button on a food processor is a key feature to look for if you want to use your food processor for hummus. This button provides short, intense pulsations that give you better control over the texture of your hummus (and other dips) as you make it, so that your dip won’t become liquefied. In our experience, the standard S-blade that comes with every food processor is sufficient for making hummus, though some models include extras like a shredding disc and chopping blade, which can be helpful if your hummus recipe includes ingredients like walnuts.


As for wattage, it’s not necessarily indicative of an appliance’s performance, despite what manufacturers might want you to believe. Rather than indicating how much power it generates, wattage points to how much power that food processor consumes to function. Higher wattage will put less strain on the motor, equating to a longer shelf-life.

With all this in mind, let’s whip up some dip. Below are the best food processors for hummus, and each of our picks are highly rated on Amazon with hundreds or thousands of reviews. We’ve also included excellent tahini, a key ingredient for hummusas well as a cookbook to help you make your best hummus yet.

Best Food Processor for Hummus – Quick List

  1. KitchenAid KFP0718BM
  2. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY
  3. Hamilton Beach B008J8MJIQ

Best Food Processor for Hummus – Reviews

1. KitchenAid KFP0718BM

Sometimes the idea of unearthing the food processor from storage and later cleaning it is enough to leave it where it is. If this sounds about right, an especially easy-to-clean food processor may be the one for you. Food & Wine said this is KitchenAid’s easiest-to-clean food processor, with its unique latched lid and one-click twist-free bowl that won’t leave food trapped under the bowl. It comes apart easily and its parts are dishwasher safe. And most importantly, reviewers love it for hummus, with one raving, “All of the hummus, now!!”

It’s mid-range in size with a 7-cup bowl, and it comes with a standard stainless steel S-blade and slicing/shredding disc that store inside the bowl. The cord conveniently wraps underneath the base. The controls are illuminated with LED lights and include a pulse button for control and both high and low speed settings. This 250-watt processor comes in four colors, including black, red and silver.

Customer review: “I’ve had other KitchenAid food processors before. I’m actually switching to this one instead of my 12 cup because it’s easier to clean and is more sanitary. I just couldn’t get the nastiness out of the groves of the other one! this one comes apart basically all the way, and I can actually sanitize it! essential when cooking! very happy.”

2. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

You know the Cuisinart name, and their 14-cup food processor is my top pick for best large-capacity food processor for its proven performance, longevity, and big bowl. This is the brand that introduced food processors to the U.S. after all. This appliance in particular is highly rated with more than 3,000 reviews.

For making hummus, it has a pulse button and stainless steel S-blade. This one also comes with some extras, including a stainless steel shredding disc, chopping/mixing blade, spatula, recipe book, and an extra-large feeding tube. Reviewers commented that this 720-watt food processor is powerful and easy to clean. Its parts are dishwasher safe. Choose from one of several shades, including grey, gold, and blue.

Customer review: “I bought this specifically to make my own hummus because I don’t like mass-produced store-bought brands, instead preferring the flavor of fresh lemon juice, garlic, and a high quality olive oil. The food processor is powerful, safe, and easy to use and now I can have the best hummus whenever I want it.”

3. Hamilton Beach B008J8MJIQ

If an affordable food processor is what you’re looking for, this cult favorite with more than 13,000 reviews is the one to consider. The 10-cup bowl has plenty of room for making larger batches of hummus, and this one has a pulse button and both high and low speeds. If a smaller model with similar features satisfies your hummus-making needs, the 8-cup food processor option will work for most people.

The 450-watt food processor has a large feed chute and comes with the standard stainless steel S-blade, as well as a double-sided disc for slicing and shredding. Plus, it includes a bowl scraper attachment that helps incorporate ingredients for a well-mixed dip. Reviewers’ comments confirm that the scraper isn’t just a gimmick; it helps scrape down the walls of the processor without needing to open the lid and do it yourself. Its parts are dishwasher safe.

Customer review: “I got this as a Christmas gift and use it almost daily! From making soups, to homemade nut butters, hummus, veggie burgers… The possibilities are endless! The blade works wonderfully and cleaning the appliance is a breeze. Amazing product for the price!!!”


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