3 Best Blenders Under $200 > August 2023 > Buying Guide

3 Best Blenders Under $200 > August 2023 > Buying Guide

Best Blender Under $200 – Ultimate Buying Guide

A blender is a multifunctional appliance of the modern kitchen that saves on time and makes food prep easier. These machines can range from expensive high-speed models to others that are moderately priced but can still get the job done nicely. You can even get some pretty sturdy models that rank as the best blenders under $200. Even the smallest mini blenders otherwise known as personal blenders are great for kitchens that may be challenged space-wise or for people on-the-go.

Because your kitchen will only have so much countertop space available, you will need to keep certain things in mind when you go shopping for a blender. That is why we have talked about everything you will need to consider such as power, wattage, size, jar capacity, warranty, and cleaning tips to make using your machine easier and adding to your convenience. You should also pay attention to the number of accessories and attachments that come with your blender, which while they can enhance versatility, will also take up more storage space in your kitchen.

Best Blender Under $200 – Quick List

  1. Cleanblend 2001 Best Overall
  2. Hamilton Beach Best Commercial Blender
  3. KitchenAid DiamondBest Everyday Use

Best Blender Under $200 – Reviews

1. Cleanblend 2001 – Best Overall

Cleanblend 2001 stands strong as the Editor’s Choice, capable of replacing 9 other kitchen appliances with its outstanding multi-purpose blending. From smoothies, cappuccinos and shakes to soups, sauces and dressings, Cleanblend can make it all.

Utilizing the highest quality food grade stainless steel coupled with an 8 blade system, chopping and slicing through chunkier foods is not hard for this blender with accuracy and immediacy. It provides you with both switches for pulse and power along with a dial that controls the speed of the blades.

This blender comes packed with a maximized power of 1800 watts and a 120v plug that pulls a quiet performance in each serving and comes backed with a 5-year warranty to last you in case of any faulty situations.

This model comes with a free Tamper wand for all of your mixtures. The container is made out of BPA-free plastic, a durable and reliable material that does not leak any toxins into your food while using it at any power.

Some noticeable cons to this blender though are its snipping edges that tend to be sharp. Just as well, there isn’t that definite a difference between the strength of the medium speed to the high speed. Nevertheless, the pros seem to outdo the cons, in this case, making this blender ideal for personal or commercial use.

2. Hamilton Beach – Best Commercial Blender

The Hamilton Beach Professional 58800 is sure to rock your kitchen with its power of 1800 watts and stainless steel blades made for excellent fine chopping of fruits and food. To better yet spice this deal up, all this power still manages to remain silent while in use. With the wide variety of speeds and specifications on the dial, you can make anything within the range of smoothies to soups with this blender.

It is durable and robust enough to be machine-washed regardless of its glass container. The blade motor inside of the blender body is thermal-sensitive and cools down when a certain degree of overheating is detected.

Measurements on the side of the glass container can ensure you get the exact required amounts in each mixture. The cap also doubles as a measuring cup so you can master precision in each recipe without any additional purchases to this blender.

The only issue this blender seems to present is its lip. Thicker mixtures seem to spill out when pouring rather than follow the shape of the lip body. With such an amazing performance rate and a wide variety of capability all covered in a 5-year warranty, this blender with glass jar deserves the Best Commercial Blender Prize.

3. KitchenAid Diamond – Best Everyday Use

KitchenAid is a unique blender that comes with 5 different speeds for your specific blending needs and requirements. The lid comes with a measuring cup which comes in handy for accuracy of ingredient amounts. It is BPA-free plastic meaning you can rest assured there are no chemicals slipping into your smoothies.

Rather than a dial, it comes with push button options to control the speed and power of your blender. It comes with a pulse feature and a separate mode made specifically to crush ice for any cold beverages on the menu.

To make it better, the system is capable of detecting the weight of the food inserted and modify its strength based on its measurements.

This all-in-one piece is robust and easy to assemble. This blender model comes with a full one year warranty and if bought from the manufacturers, a 30 day return policy upon purchase if proven faulty. Warranty includes a hassle-free replacement for your blender. With only 550 watts to compete with, KitchenAid earns the title of Best Everyday Use Blender Under $200 for those who find their blender is used more than once a day.

The downfalls that come with this blender are that its system is quite loud while blending which proves inconvenient. It also does not come with the option to remove the blades as they are fixed to the interior. This makes cleaning the blender cumbersome since the whole container and body has to be cleaned together as one ensemble.

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